31 January 2006

Blood Transfusion Needed

I sent my race leathers off to Barnacle Bill's at lunch time. I'm having them repaired. I'm also dropping my membership with the TSBA (too much bullshit politics), selling my Suzuki SV650 and going to look at getting into road racing again on Broom's YSR50. It is fun to ride, fun to throw around and will teach me the basic stuff so I can work my way back into motorcycle track events the right way.

I'm not even sure if my leathers can be fixed, but we'll see. Seems like I can't get racing uot of my system...

Awesome Weekend

My weekend started on Friday with things I can't remember. Rock Gal and I got together but I really don't know what we did or where we went... but I do know we had a lot of fun and enjoyed each other's company pretty thoroughly.

Saturday I met with Mike, Katherine and Brandon for lunch at Chipotle (a weak version of Freebirds) and a trip to the Dallas Safari Club Convention. The Safari Club, who's motto is apparently "Laying Siege to Endangered Species Across the Globe" had a glorious display of animals that one can slaughter. Pay out $30,000 and you can travel to Africa, hoist a dead antelope up into a tree and wait for a Jaguar or Leopard to show up. Then shoot it. Wow, great stuff. Or, what about a lion or elephant? Sure, let's take an animal that is being pushed out of its natural habitat, massacred by poachers and generally just put in danger of being run off the planet... and shoot it for sport. Assholes.

Saturday night Rock Gal dropped by after work and we drove to Austin for a rock climbing trip. We had our sights set on Reimer's Ranch, now owned and operated by Travis County Parks and Wildlife, and a Sunday of climbing. We were hosted in Austin by Brian, a friend of Betty's from college.

We climbed rocks, I learned how to lead belay and she taught me how to clip quick draws while standing on the ground, as practice for when I learn to be on lead. I did not lead a route, deciding that it would be more intelligent to take it slow and learn one thing at a time before I decide to go plunging into something I might screw up. At any rate, we climbed some cool stuff and I managed to get up a three 5.8 walls, but the names are escaping me... Eight Flake was one of them, the other was on Dead Cat's wall, next to Water Boy (i think) but I don't recall.

My last climb, next to Crankenstein, was a wash. I was tired, get frustrated and just didn't have the strength to stay on the wall. I also refused to give up. I think I tried to start the route about seven times, spent a lot of time staring at it and trying ti imagine myself on it... but in the end I couldn't make it work. I knew what I wanted to do in my head, but my body was not yet capable of pulling it off. Maybe next time, maybe the time after that?

As I told Rock Gal: I'm not afraid of falling, I'm afraid of failing. Falling off the wall does not bother me, but not making a move that I know I can... that's a problem.

I did, of course, have an absolute blast. She's a great help to me in figuring out moves and keeping me motivated when my body is getting tired or I get stuck not realizing where the obvious holds are located. Climbing indoor is easy in that you can see the holds, climbing outdoor is easier than indoor in that there's so much to be used... but all told it is much more difficult to read the rock outdoor. Some things you think you can grab you can't, and some things you think you can't grab you actually can... its a fun learning curve.

Sunday night we were both wiped and decided to stay in Austin for the night, I was taking Monday off *cough*cough* and we'd just hang in Austin until Monday afternoon and the drive home. Brian was a great host and we spent Sunday evening (After dinner at a great place I cannot name) BSing.

Monday morning we were out of bed early so that Brian could get to work so we went to Town Lake for a walk in the morning (gorgeous weather), then to Waterloo Records and Whole Earth so I could try on more rock shoes. I ended up buying a pair of Montrail Gymbo velcros. I think they'll provide more comfortable traction than my too narrow for my toes Phoenix shoes, but they are not an aggressive shoe so I'll still be learning proper footwork and technique. I know my current footwork is not holding me back in comparison to my lack of grip strength, so I'm less concerned with having smokin' shoes and more concerned with having something that is comfortable for an entire climb and provides me with the right combination of grip and support so that I can continue to learn. Add to that the fact that they were only $60, and you really can't go wrong!

We went to Cactus Cafe for some Good Flow, Romeo's for lunch and Whole Foods for a large supply of Good Flow before heading home. I had a blast spending time with Rock Gal in Austin and, as usual, we just got along great. Trucked around Austin, went places, saw things, did things and had fun.

25 January 2006

Burns' Night

Here's a picture of me and Rock Gal at Burns' Night, a celebration of the birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns.

24 January 2006

Dry spell.

Yeah, so its been awhile since I posted. Got busy with my other Blog site (the writing portal) and then more busy with Rock Gal and then more busy with wanting to climb and ride... then I just didn't feel like writing.

I got backed into by some dumb bitch in a Best Buy parking lot a couple of weekends ago. Apparently, she did not see my stopped car directly behind her carrying a yellow and red bicycle on the roof at 4:30PM in the afternoon. Dumb bitch. So, now I'm fighting her insurance company and I just don't feel like dealing with it.

Rock Gal is awesome. She sends me these emails that look like they are written to someone else, but they're written to me. Its cute, and she has all kinds of nice things to say. I like it, its goofy and silly, but I like it.

The rest of life is normal. I'm meeting with a photographer next week to discuss ideas about the upcoming racing season and how we're going to approach some story ideas. I'm excited about it, but right now my brain is tired and I'm bored, so I'm not saying much about it.

Outside of that I'm just climbing, eating, seeing Rock Gal and having fun...

Ok, here's a story.

So last Thursday night I'm headed to Stoneworks for some climbing with Steve when I decide to call Girl Friday and see if she wants to join us. She did, and met up around 7PM. We had a great time climbing, goofing around and teaching her some stuff, but she climbed very well for a second timer. Late in the evening the subject of Rock Gal came up in conversation. I wasn't shy to talk about it and I could tell Girl Friday was a little upset. We did one final climb in the back silo and she asks me in a sheepish sort of way,
"So, does this mean you are officially off the market?"

I wasn't sure what to say, so I agreed. After the climb we chatted, she left for home and I bouldered for another 20 minutes. I called her on my way home.

Me: "So, did you ask me if I was officially off the market because you are still interested?"
Her: "Well, you are a great guy... yeah, I am still a little interested. But I know I need to spend some time being single for a little while..."
That was a jab at me for an email I wrote suggesting the idea. So I jabbed back.
Me: "I'm actually really happy with Rock Gal right now. There's no stress, no drama and no guessing about it. Its just so easy. I really don't have any reason to see anyone else right now, but if that changes you'll be my first call."

The conversation went on from there, lasted quite some time actually, and ended nicely. We're still going to hang out (I cleared that up, too) and still going to do things together, but this way at least all the intentions are clear.

Still, a very interesting development. It was surprising, but at the same time it wasn't so surprising... It made me curious about what "could be" but its not worth exploring. I'm real happy right now and have no reason to look elsewhere.

14 January 2006

Razr Wallpaper

I've been playing with my Razr phone and wallpaper projects for my phone recently. I'm not a designer, I'm not very good with Photoshop or any type of special graphics rendering. I'm a dork that depends on filters and basic shapes to make things that will look decent but not special, and I'm ok with that. Why?
1) I just want it to be different
2) Its a telephone and the picture quality is decent, but not great
3) I'm having fun

As such I've created some wallpapers and experimented with filters purely as a means of learning what is possible, but I'm whole self taught and am not even beginning to reach the limits of my imagination. I'd love to do something with a 3D feel, but we'll see.

Well, here's what I've done so far...

This is my first attempt and started with two colored bars that somehoe morphed into a simple lens flare, stained glass filter and a liquify filter that I enjoy using because its fun to make swirly shapes...

This is my second design and started out as polka dots before I hit it with plastic wrap, some weird lighting and a diffused glow or something... from there it got twirled and shit and I imagined a black hole of Fruit Loops...

This is currently my favorite project. I started with the checker board backgrouind (Which was a BITCH to build one line at a time, by the way) and then found some neat-o transform effects before I made the foreground. The foreground piece was inspired by the WaveForm record label logo, but with some changes. I really like the way it turned out! Simple and fun to construct.

My most recent work and I'm attempting to create something more clean that maybe uses softer colors and white space. I wish I could change the GUI of the phone itself but that not an option at this point in time (I'm sure its possible though) so for now I just want to build something around the existing home page interface/menu. I like the initial look of this, butit still need some work. I'm stuck though and not sure where to go from here. Center? Another shape? Something swoopy on the right? I'm having trouble creating a smooth arc but I'm getting there... Still having fun, I just have writers block of design!

As always, input is welcome...

Rock Gal: Two Thumbs Up!

Apparently, I'm doing something right... this is from Rock Gal...

You're so incredibly amazing! Every time I turn around, you're swooping me off of my feet again. I don't think I've had a genuinely bad day since I met you cause I'm always thinking, well, maybe I'll get to talk to Greg tonight, or yah this lady smells like a dumpster, but I have a date tonight with Greg! It's like you make my whole life better, even when you're not there. I was happy before I met you. I had a full life and was just fine being single. But I'm much happier with you. I'm so glad you found me. Thank you. Thank you for liking me for me and not trying to change me. Thank you for being the caring, honest, fun, intelligent, gallant, and interesting man that you are. Thank you for letting me take care of you. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for... you. This may sound sappy. And I'm not getting in over my head. I just like being with you.

Last night she came over and cooked me a post-birthday dinner of Pork Tender Loin, boiled carrots (special recipe), wild rice (another special recipe) and bread with sesame seeds. It was delicious, every bit of it. She's wonderful. I told her I didn't have much to cook with so she brought everything with her in four large Central Market bags and a cooler. She told me to sit on the couch so I could dick around with CS2, then went to work in the kitchen creating a very tastey meal. I was so impressed! We had a nice red wine with the meal and just went all out.

During dinner we watch, get this, the Isle of Man TT on DVD, and she loved it. Most folks get bored quickly with such things but she fell right into it and really seemed to enjoy the spectacle. Impressed again! After dinner we cuddled up on the couch and more or less finished watching the DVD... other things seemed to take our attention, go figure. What a great evening, I'm really enjoying this and I can't believe how simple and care free it all is... No drama, no guessing, no stress. It just works and I'm really happy. I'm not crazy excited, I'm not giddy and loopy with a crush or perceived love... I'm just happy. I don't even have to think about it!

12 January 2006

Today, is my Birthday.

Now I'm 29.

11 January 2006

ie pheel dummer

I dont know what it is, but having seen this photo I now feel somehow dumber.


God I hate drama. The TSBA is, unfortunately, plagued with it. We have a new president this year and he seems to think that he's going to clean up the club and return it to some strange former glory. This is, of course, contrary to what the club wants and is causing much strife within the membership. Schmuck. He's a control freak and has a hand in everything. Sometimes I like the guy, but right now I don't.

The whole thing started over a thread on the BBS that was full of tasteful girlie pictures. No nudity, no breif nudity, nothing that you would not see any night of the week on Baywatch or some other cheesy TV show in sindication. It was all PG, borderline PG-13 and no one was complaining. The thread was 13 pages long, so obviously people were not ready to let it die. And yet, the new President saw fit to have it removed from the BBS even after people voted -flat out- to keep it on the board. We voted by means of a poll that I posted on the board, and it garnered something like 50 responses.

What the fuck? So everyone is pissed. Not that we lost a girlie picture thread, but because we cannot post what we want as a group. Hell, even the women in the TSBA are posting into the thread making positive comments! So, yet again we have drama, needless drama, on the board.

There are a variety of other issues regarding the BBS software and power trips and who has control of what... mostly it all boils down to a bunch of crap I don't feel like being a part of anymore.

An odd statement.

Girl Friday~ I definately want to go rock climbing and mountain biking with you this year, I think it'd be a lot of fun.
Me Yeah definately, and best of all I'm not a romantic threat.
Girl Friday~ Yes you are.


10 January 2006


I'm just taking some ideas that friends and people have been telling me and writing it down so I don't forget... Also want to hash them out more clearly.

Racing: Select a local pro (road racing or dirt bikes) and follow them through a full season of racing. What they do to prepare, things they put up with in relation to racing, life and work... how they manage to keep everything balanced, etc. Get a better look at who they are motivations and such for racing.

Climbing: Select a group of youth climbers and get to know them. Training, trips to the crag, life outside of climbing, goals and motivations, etc. Concentrate more on training for competitions and who the person is as opposed to what routes they are climbing.

Climbing: Talk with the USA Climbing team's coach and find out how he trains his climbers. What does he look for in a climber for the team and what has he seen in past climbers that have gone on to be successful. Traits, attitudes, etc. Create it as a resource of information for new climbers, promote youth climbing and the next stars of bouldering and roped climbs.

Racing: Pick a team and track their season from a business perspective. How are they going to make money on the racing, how are they selling their team and rider in an effort to run a business as well as a winning team?

Cycling: Training for an MS150 event, fund raising and riding the event itself.

Many of these ideas are similar in that its the same type of story only with a different subject. I hate to do that but its one of the things that is stuck in my head right now. I'd prefer to write about something that is more than just surface material, and really find something worth reading about...

Ideas are welcome.

09 January 2006

Needed: Creative Inspiration

I need a muse. I went to the ABS Bouldering Competition at Summit on Saturday with a desire to cover the comp and do some more freelance work. I went to the comp, I watched and I took in as much as I could. Chatted with the kids in the comp, met some folks and did some things... All in all I came away from it feeling good about some ideas, but the comp itself won't get any coverage from me. I don't want to talk about who placed where or who sent which problems. I want to talk about people, I want to see who these folks are and what motives them and drives them to climb hard and compete, but I don't care much for the comp itself.

I met a kid, about 17 years old, named Nicholas. Nicholas was a wealth of information and I got to talking to him about what he would want to read aobut in a magazine. He and his friends said that good descriptions of the problems would be fun to read, but also talking about the teams. What are the training procedures used and what kinds of things do they do to get better at bouldering and climbing? Youth climbing doesn't get much coverage, so maybe that's an angle?

I'm thinking I need to get inside a team, get inside a training program and talk about what makes these kids tick as opposed to which climbs they've sent. It is interesting to see what they are sending, but at the same time I'd rather know more about them as people. That, of course, is not going to be easy. Trust is a huge issue and getting them to open up honestly won't be very easy.

I also met a photographer at the event, a guy named Owen that is fresh out of photography school in California and looking to make a name for himself. I need to give him a call, get some ideas between us and see what happens. To that end, I'm also in touch with a guy named Shannon that wants to get together and chat about some ideas for stories. I'd like to cover longer term stuff like following a team through a race season, maybe a local pro like Ty Howard. He may have similar ideas or something entirely different, but working in unison we might come up with some really killer ideas, who knows?

I need to talk with Shan Moore again as well about freelance and things. Mostly, I need some direction, some inspiration and some focus. I need a plan. Suggestions?

Sore, tired & smiling.

What a great weekend. I spent most of it with Rock Gal, which is primarily why I had such an awesome weekend.

Friday night I was at the Starbuck's in Mockingbird Station playing with my Razr phone and a program called Phone Tools that allows me to use MP3 files as ring tones and jpeg images as wallpaper on the phone when she met up with me for dinner. For someone with a desire to be creative and personalize everything, this is really damn cool. I've already toyed around with CS2 and making some wallpapers for the phone. The resolution is ok but not great so I've been sticking to simple colors and using filters to create effects, but not trying to really render any graphics.

So after a few minutes of indecision we settled on Fuddrucker's. I hadn't been there in ages and it seemed like a fun place to go get a big ass burger. It turned out to be more like a Chuckee Cheese because of all the screaming kids, but we still had fun and got some good eats! Afterwards we cruised over to Tempest Tea for some delicious hot brews and finally wound up back at Mockingbird Station where we started. It was a great evening, we both had a lot of fun and I really must say that I enjoy her company thoroughly.

We got together again Sunday afternoon for some climbing at Summit, what a blast! They still had most of the routes set-up from the ABS Bouldering Competition so many of the roped routes were unusable, but by and large they had good routes available. Steve and Rock Gal went off to do some climbing and I decided to tackle a few of the problems from the comp. I was able to do one of them right off the bat, it was pretty simple, but others in the Recreational category were more difficult.

Still, I was able to complete another climb with assistance from Ryan, a very cool employee at the gym, and his advice was welcome and highly useful. Mostly, bouldering comes down to commitment. You have to know in your mind that you can make a certain move, because if you doubt yourself at all you will fail. Your foot will slip, your fingers will lose grip or your arms will pump and you'll let go. That's one of the things I like about bouldering and climbing in general. Even though you are only 30 feet off the ground, roped in with a belayer... if you imagine that every move could be your last you will find ways to hang on to the wall!

After four hours of climbing we were both smashed and went to lunch at Red, Hot & Blue. Red, Hot & Blue is a BBQ place and, well, it rocks. That was some of the most tasty delicious BBQ I've ever had. Damn, that was some tasty BBQ! Then we cruised back to the apartment, cuddled up and took a nap. The rest of the evening was spent watching climbing DVDs and making out, which is always a great way to burn time and enjoy someone's company, in my opinion.


As I drove by the burning wreckage I could see a person fighting to exit the car through the passenger window. The flames surrounded him, wicking around his head as the flames pulled new life from the fresh air entering through a busted out window. Unfortunately, I would never learn the circumstances of the accident or the details of his survival.

I had just parted company with Rock Gal after a wonderful evening at Ozona on Greenvile. We'd met up with some other friends of mine and dinner and a drink. After a few minutes... ok, nearly an hour, of making out in the car (again) we were each headed home and looking forward to meeting at Summit in the morning for some climbing.

Heading up I-75 toward the Walnut Hill exit I suddenly saw flames at the side of the road, just before the exit. The accident had just happened, though I had not seen the incident itself. I knew it was a car but wasn't sure if it had been burning or had just caught fire. Upon seeing someone climbing from the car as I past, I swung past the wreckage and pulled over at the exit. There were several other cars present, one group of people obviously with a cell phone, so I ran back toward the burning car. As I approached the distinct popping and crackling announced the incineration of various materials in the car and the tires exploding from the heat. One good bang signaled the end of the fuel tank (no, it didn't crater like in movies) and I cautiously approached with another motorist. I ran through the thick smoke, trying to stay out of traffic and got a look inside the car from as close as I could muster. Ten feet away from the car I could feel the moisture leave my skin and the immense heat flooded off the vehicle in a torrent. I could see enough to know that no one was in the car, but at this point I also had no idea where the occupants of the vehicle were in relation to the car.

A woman had run past the wreckage with me looking for the driver and any passengers. She couldn't find them. They were not standing, sitting or laying anywhere we could see. She yelled out for them, we looked over the jersey barrier, I nearly jumped down to see if they'd been thrown from the car... but nothing. No one.

Another group of people ran down past the car to join us, it was a group of guys that had called 9-1-1, and were looking for the scoop. We chatted, talked about what we'd seen of the accident and made some jokes. In trying to decided what was popping and exploding in the trunk...
One motorist: "What is that noise? Something keeps popping and exploding in the car."
Me: "Must be all the weed in the trunk. Wait a minute, why are we standing over here? We should be downwind from that thing!"
Guy in band shirt: "Sorry officer, but we aren't going anywhere!
His friend: "No, No! Don't put that out yet, there's still another brick in there!"

High fives all around.

Yeah, good times.

06 January 2006


I read a dating blog called Moxie In the City. Most of the time it is full of drivel, but sometimes it contains useful advice and curious insight to people's psyche and this whole confusing dating thing... After the recent turn of events in my life I decided to write her an email.

I have written to Moxie before, seeking advice about why it seems I could not meet a woman with similar interests and why so many women seem to lack a desire to do fun, outdoor things like climbing, cycling and hiking... Mostly, I was told that I am shallow and that I need to be less concerned with finding an attractive gym bunny, and more concerned with finding someone who is honest, kind & nice and shit. I responded, via a post on her blog, that it would be silly to assume that a person wouldn't want to find someone with those endearing qualities (nobody wants to find a bitchy, whining chic, right?) but that I also wanted someone with whom to experience all the other fun stuff... I got the funny feeling that my question offended her and some of the nastier readers because, well, they are fat & lazy. Anyway, here's my latest email to Moxie.

This isn't so much a question as a little success story... I'll start it off with some background and muck my way along from there. Just thought you might like to read some good news to balance out all the difficult questions you receive.

You know how people tell you that you'll meet someone as soon as you stop looking? Yeah, I've always thought that was a bullshit cop out answer, too. Well, low and behold, it actually happened. I walked into the store seeking a new pair of rock climbing shoes and walked out with her email address and phone number. I never intended to meet anyone while shopping for such an item, nor had I intended to find myself with a relationship after handing her my business card, but conversation had flowed freely and she was seeking someone to climb with in addition to her normal climbing partner of eight years.

I've had a lot of trouble meeting a woman that interested me, I'm sure it ties to multiple reasons within myself that I'm not qualified or willing to talk about here, but essentially I was having trouble meeting a woman that had (what I thought was) an attractive personality. There are plenty of lookers in my part of the country, a fair number of them are kind and honest and all those nice things, but I kept finding that none of them seemed to do anything. Anything refers to hobbies, interests and goals; something that I think a person needs to give their life a little more meaning than simply existing. Heck, often times they weren't even that interested in their job/career, which made it even more difficult for me to figure out what got them up out of bed every morning. I couldn't figure out what drove them through life, what made them who they were, and it made them less attractive.

I've been in a relationship before where I was active, involved in the outdoors and always wanting to be out doing something. She, on the other hand, was happy to stay at home diddling on the computer or what have you. For awhile everything was fine as we did our thing and still enjoyed the time we did spend together, but eventually she grew tired of me being away so much. Still, she refused to get involved or share in my activities, even after I had gotten myself involved in hers. I made concessions and stayed home more, but she never met me half way to get involved and eventually I ended up giving up most of what I really enjoyed enable to be with her, which of course is quite stupid. But, I digress.

I hate the bar/club scene and decided that I'd be best off meeting a woman who is also involved in similar activities to my own. It worked fairly well and I met some very attractive tri-athletes, cyclists and runners, but the women I was meeting were older and seeking someone or something different than what I had to offer. Apparently, women in my part of the country do not concern themselves with hobbies and their health until they are in their mid-30s. I'm 28 and was seeking a woman within a few years of my age, and preferably someone without children. With my current plan failing me, I decided to change course and try doing some things differently.

In an effort to get myself more on the market and put myself out there in the singles scene I followed some of the advice I've seen in Moxie's blog. I tried my best to make changes within myself that helped me feel more confident, more attractive and all of that jazz. I carried myself a little differently, I attended more singles events and I made an honest effort to approach more women but once I'd done so I, as I said before, found myself with no way to relate to them. Some had a pretty face, others had a nice gym built physique, but they didn't seem to be interested, intrigued, by anything. I spent a lot of time talking about myself, which sucks, in an effort to find something we had in common. Ultimately I had trouble leading to more interesting conversation and every time I tried to lead into their interests I would end up with a dead end. It is still quite vexing.

Then a funny thing happened: I went shopping for a pair of shoes. It was a random trip prior to our company Christmas party and I just wanted to waste a little time. She was working at the shop, and I suppose it was one of those classic happenstance situations. After meeting at the outdoor shop (no, I didn't end up buying anything from her) we saw each other at a house party a few days later and then got together for some climbing the following morning. From there, it just developed naturally.

We have a great rapport, plenty in common besides a love for climbing and getting to know each other is easy. So far, one of the best things about dating her is that there's no drama. She isn't bitchy, whiney, sassy, rude or vexing. What she is, however, is calm, supportive, encouraging, intelligent and energetic. She's got a goofy sense of humor, makes me smile constantly and I have the same effect on her. Not only that, she is great for my ego. I've always considered myself a work in progress, but she tells me how hot I am all the time! I am truly fortunate to have ended up with her, and I'm only hoping I can live up to the way she feels about me. She more than fulfills my needs, and it is awesome.

I've been told before, primarily by people reading this blog, that specifically seeking a woman with whom to enjoy outdoor activities was shallow. The thing is, I haven't been looking for a woman to climb with, or bicycle with… I just wanted a woman that had a passion for something, wanted to explore and enjoy the outdoors and experience life instead of sitting around watching life happen around her. She didn't need to be a climber or a cyclist or a runner, she just needed to have something in her life that drove her forward. The fact that we can share something is wonderful, and there are still things I do that she has no interest in, which is fine with me because she supports my desire to succeed.

She's wonderful, I can't fault her and I thoroughly enjoy every minute I'm with her. Its more than just the outdoor activities, it is her passion for experiencing things and her desire to see me succeed just as much as she wants to achieve herself. This, to me, is what a relationship is all about. And, truth be told, I think it is something many of your readers seem to neglect. I often think that most people are too busy thinking about getting laid and not busy enough actually wanting to meet someone with whom to build a rewarding relationship. But that's my opinion. Anyway, your blog and it's many readers have been most helpful and I have learned some things about myself that I think have been a great benefit.

04 January 2006

Photos from Barber

Here are some shitty photos I took at the Barber Motorsport Museum with a disposable camera.

Jesus Christ I've been busy...

I cannot honestly remember what I've talked about in the last few posts, and seeing as how I am 1) too lazy and 2) too apathetic to look at what I've said in the past, I'm just going to say a bunch of shit and you, my reader, can deal with it.

So I got back from my trip to Charlotte Tuesday (27th) afternoon. After starting my day in Jackson, Mississippi I made the multi-hour trek to Dallas just in time to find traffic, bullshit and terrible driving habits on I-635. When I got home I wanted to change the oil and rotate the tires, but Mother Nature wasn't on my side. It was 82 degrees (a good thing) and the wind was gusting to 30 MPH (a bad thing). Had the oil plug been pulled, this post would be decidedly less cheerful.

As such, I put off the car work until Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon I did something. I think I got my haircut, but right now I can't differentiate the days. That evening I got a call from Rock Gal, she was headed to Summit and wanted me to come along for some climbing. Tired and achy as I was, I had already been planning on visiting Stoneworks, so it didn't take much of an arm twist for me to go. Plus, I really wanted to see her.

Things went great. We climbed. We talked. She kissed me at the end of the night.

The rest of my week sucked. I was at work, it was slow and nothing happened.

Friday night. Friday night I had dinner with friends, and it was tasty. Some funny things happened, but I can't remember much of what it was. The owners of the house, M&K have a new piano. Its a family heirloom, and it kicks much ass.

Saturday was New Year's at SaxManiac's pad in Frisco. I took Rock Gal with me and we had a blast. First to dinner at Ali Baba, then watch the Star's game against The Kings, played some air hockey, drank Fat Tire and talked to a bunch of people I don't know. Great times, good evening and it ended nicely with an enjoyable make-out session in the garage. Tasty.

Sunday I stayed home and played Gran Turismo 4. Rock Gal went bouldering and I intended to go cycling, but with 30 MPH wind gusts and my severe depletion of energy, I decided to just park it at home and rest. I needed it. I napped, I raced and eventually I fell asleep. I woke up later thinking it was Monday.

Monday rolls around and I got my ass out of bed early, like 8 A.M. and went rollerblading at the park. Its a big park, with lots of paved trails and some ponds. Rock Gal came over later and we were back at the park to lay in the dead grass soaking up some sun and taking cat naps. Spent the rest of Monday cat napping, watched a movie (sort of) and split company at the end of the evening.

She's a pretty special gal, that Rock Gal. I dig her, she's good for my ego and is plenty attractive. She's full of compliments, support and fun. She's proud of herself but not to the point of being bitchy like many women. She's confident in who she is and what she does, and a little goofy to boot. Yeah, she's a keeper.