24 January 2009


The idea was to do some writing today, but my sanctuary -the apartment clubhouse- has gone from peaceful and empty to a mass of distractions and irritants. A "health fair" is starting soon, there's a family conducting an air hockey tournament and someone keeps trying to change the channel so I can't watch downhill skiing.

I need some lunch. Earlier I thought of some prose, it was on my way home from work last night. I liked it. It had a nice flow. Now I'm drawing a blank. I'll blame them.

Looks like I need to clear out. Computer wants a restart so downloads can take effect.

09 September 2008

10 Months ...

Wow. I've been away from this blog for too long. 10 months. So much has happened I cannot even begin to convey it all.

Started a new job at TDMN (Oct)
Started writing for the Racing Post
Started not liking my new job (Dec)
Got engaged (1/12)
Set a wedding date
Moved the wedding up a week so we would not conflict with Superdrome race night
Got married (4/12)
Went to Salzburg, Austria for the Honeymoon
Really knew I hated my job
Built a brand new bike, a Fausto Coppi Neuron, my first in 8 years
Loved riding the Fausto Coppi Neuron
Got hit head-on by a car while riding the Coppi (6/11)
Found a new job (8/10)
Put in two week notice (8/14)
Built up Ridley Damocles (8/15)
Rode a solo near-Century of 96 miles (8/26)
Started new job (8/29)
Went back to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch (8/30-9/1)
Celebrated Betty's 29th Birthday (9/06)
Spent last night at ER watching Betty get stitches after she low sided the Cervelo (9/8)

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06 November 2007

sitting downtown

Well I am in training this week at my new company and posting from my first blackberry. I used to think of these as a tether, but I coming to realize they are more of a release from the office.
Two weeks of training then I will be on the road and selling to clients. Steep learning curve in some respects, but being with another paper keeps it more familiar and less trouble.