10 April 2007

What's Worse?

I'm not sure what is more sick and twisted:
1) That the country is so fascinated with the social affaris of a dead woman
2) That a person can be so permiscuous that the father of her child is not obvious
3) That a person can get a television show based on bad acting and poor judgement
4) That it takes months to decide which of nine possible men fathered the child of a dead woman

I'm really fed up with the media at the moment.

06 April 2007

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Some of the good responses.

Here are some of the responses I recieved. I'm still trying to pick a "winner".

We would very much like to come pick this up for a teen's first computer.
Please call 817.xxx.xxxx Alexis

I am need of a computer for my children, can please contact me at 214-384-5866 asap with thine directions.
God Bless
Ms. Gray

If this is still available I would love to have it for my grandson. I’ll pick it up at your convenience if you’ll let me.

Hello,I was trying to reply using the Bible language, but being a foreigner, I do not have the English skills. I would love to receive the pc you listed, it would help me a lot with my work at home. I just relocatedwith my family from Europe to Texas so we have a lot of financial priorities before we can afford a PC. I could come any time of your convenience. Pls email me your address or call me at 972 xxx xxxx. Thank you very much in advance. Martin

Wouldst thou devine to me this thou computer Pentium 3? I live just yonder by thee in shire Carrollton my horse is swift, and I am in need of this once great lord and master P3.

I sent you an email earlier in regards to the computer... if it's still available, call me at 817-xxx-xxxx and I can come pick it up anytime.
Thanks again!

I want this

I would cherish the opportunity to open mine home up to thou computer. As I have 5 offspring, 3 of which art in thine college. I could pickth up thou computher before the sun setteth to thy west. Please send thou number so I could contacth tou. God bless you.

May I please come and pick this up from you?? I'm sure you've beenblown up with e-mails already, but I thought I'd take a shot, I canpick it up within a couple of hours, I'm in Carrollton right now. Danny

It's me again.
I can be reached at 214-xxx-xxxx.

Oh holy one…
I would greatly appreciate the PC. I already live in Lewisville so it would be a quick pick up. Is it still available? I can pick it up anytime after 5:30. I am currently a student if that helps….

Hello I'm in carrollton and this would be great for my Dad he is 67 and has some health problems and he cant get outside so he surfs on his computer which has bit the dust...I could come pick up today

does thou still havest/
callest me so that i may be happy
469 xxx xxxx

Great Poem. Loved reading it. You’re a good person giving it away. May great fortunes come upon thine!!!!

I have a daughter that is in the 7th grade that need a computer for herhome work. DO you still have it please call me (682)831-5761 work, (817)491-6389. Thank You.

Greetings Thou fellow brother:
May I come pick up thine computer this evening April 6th 2007/ I dont get off until such ripe hour as 9 pm from work. Please respond as to the affirmative or positive. Be thou blessed

Also I could provide Gift Certificates for free meals at either On The Border or Macaroni Grill as a thank you.

Where must one prostrate himself in order to receive such a divine offering or gift from Lord of Pentium?
As a fine and experienced hearer of words, spoken and unspoken, the mystical voice tunnel to which I am tuned remains open and available, awaiting further instructions me'Lord.
214-212-1775. Many thanks, and blessings.
If I am chosen by the Lord of Pentium, to receive the gifts that are offered by such a giving and kind creator of offerings. I will then begin my journey to the once forbidden land of Lewisville, locate, and bring back with me, to the land of Gar, the gifts bestowed upon this worthy seeker.
With grace may peace find you never wanting. Sir Thorn

The above is our winner. Just talked to him on the telephone and... yeah.

Holy Free Computers!

At 11:48 this morning I posted the following to CraigsList.com:

And thine lord says unto thee, "Take thee thine computer upon the land, and give it to thine neighbor, or thine poor college student, for it is FREE."

Thine Pentium 3 hath a divine CD burner (that shalt not be used for pirating of thine musical whimsy), DVD player (which can playeth thine movies) and just enough RAM to process thine older games and accounting software.

At the beginning, when thine desktop was king, the Pentium 3 was your lord and master. But lo how the times have changed and the systems have become faster. Lo how the screens have become thinner and the storage -however small- is more grand. Too many miracles have occured for thus to be worth money, and so it is said that the desktop will be given away, unto thee, for FREE.

To gather thine FREE Pentium 3, thee must drive thine self to the holiest of holy lands in the North. Thine must make a pilgrimage to Lewisville. Oh yes, thine must travel long and far to collect thine gifts of computer, monitor, keyboard and speakers. And after such a time as thee hath collected such things, thee shalt have thine self a desktop. And, thine shalt have such desktop, for FREE.

I went pee, came back to my desk and had 15 responses via email. So far, (as of 12:48pm) I have recieved... let me count again... 42 total responses. That's a magic number! I need to stop this thing I guess.