19 September 2006


You have to love the current papal situation.

The Pope enraged Muslims in a speech a week ago in Germany quoting 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, who said everything the Prophet Mohammad brought was evil "such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

To which Muslims and followers of Islam took offense and demanded an apology. I don't have trhe full trasncript of his speech though, so I don't know the exact context here, but I'm guessing that the wrong ways to react include:

In a telegram to the order of an Italian nun killed in Somalia who may be the crisis' first victim...

Italian media said an al Qaeda group in Egypt called for the German-born Pope, who is 79, to be punished by strict Islamic sharia law for insulting their religion.

An al Qaeda umbrella group in Iraq has also vowed war on "worshippers of the cross."

Workers at Turkey's Directorate General for Religious Affairs, or Diyanet, petitioned for the arrest of the Pontiff when he makes a scheduled visit to Turkey in November.

In Iraq, where an effigy of the Pope was burned on Monday

But the cleric asked for an end to attacks on churches in the area, after seven were vandalized this weekend

And the clincher...

The head of Australia's 5.1 million-strong Catholic church went as far as to say that violent reaction "justified one of Pope Benedict's main fears" about Islam.

Cardinal George Pell said this showed "the link for many Islamists between religion and violence, their refusal to respond to criticism with rational arguments, but only with demonstrations, threats and actual violence."

Local Muslims called Pell's comments "unhelpful."

It does seem rather unusual that a people who is so offended by being refered to as violent, would respond to the accusation with violence and threats of violence.

Here is a link to some pictures from around the world that show people protesting the Pope and his comment(s) by burning flags, waving signs and looking angry. Oddly, the groups of people don't look all that big and some of the signs are written in English.

I have always wondered if these things are staged. I had seen reports of faked photographs appearing on Reuters and in the AP during the violence in Lebanon, and it makes me wonder if people in the Middle East are only being portrayed in this way by the media. A bit like protests here, the people involved are the zealots and freaks, but it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of everyone in the country.

It just seems strange to me that a religious community such as Islam has become so bent on the destruction of the Western World. I guess it is nothing new, and attacking them repeatedly doesn't help the situation, but I wonder how closely this all relates to the lack of a modern Cold War. I've always wondered how bad the Cold War ever really was, and whether it was all staged to some extent. I want to say that I'll read more history so I can learn about it, but depending on the history books you read you'll get a different slant on the truth. Which, of course, leaves me wondering if anyone really knows what has ever really been going on...

What if everyone is lost? Confused by conflicting reports, altered text books and half-truths in the media. Who is to know what the reality of any past event is if we keep sheltering youths from events like The Holocaust? Hell, everything could get so twisted we'd never be certain of anything.

18 September 2006


My climbing has been going up and down, with more downs recently than ups. No pun intended there, I've just had a tough time of it recently and I'm slowly getting to the source of all my troubles.

Primarily, my energy levels have been blighted while climbing. I'll get in one or two good routes and then I just don't seem to have the ability to muster up the jiuce to make even some of the most simple moves. I've attributed this to several things in the past it all pretty much boils down to two things:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Poor Diet

I think the two are also somewhat interconnected, although there could be other things affecting my sleeping pattern of two hours on, two hours off.

I'm also going to research Melatonin, a chemicle that supposedly helps a person switch off their brain and fall asleep. At the moment I'm looking into eating better dinners that include steamed veggies. I have a steamer, I just never use it. I generally eat when I am hungry, which means I want to eat immediately, and often do not care to wait the legth of time required to make a meal. I'm also lazy when it comes to cooking and cleaning dishes.

I've been eating a great deal more protein in the form of Optimum Nutriotion's Whey Protein shakes in the morning and evening, with a Nestle Carnation in the mid-morning time frame of 10:30 to 11:00 AM. In all I'm taking in roughly 61g of protein every day and am hoping this helps muscle recovery & density, and will hopefully not mean I have this bad of gas forever. That's been a newer problem though...

Typical weekday breakfast:
  • ON's Whey Protein (24g)
  • Bagel w/ cream cheese or bowl of cereal

Mid-morning Snack:
  • Nestle Carnation Instant Breakfast

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly (x2)
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit (apple or banana)

Varies between:
  • ON's Whey Protein
  • Ramen (x2 packets)
  • Stouffer's frozen dinner
  • Something else I can't remember

Dinner is not my strong suit and lunch is probably lacking a bit as well, but I've been in worse situations. Still, my diets needs some improvement if I can figure out a reasonable solution.

My last two trips to Summit have actually been good climbing days. I've been working on easier routes (5.7, 5.8) and concentrating on my footwork both climbing and down climbing. If I can get that sorted out I think I'll be much more capable of thinking through moves from the ground, visualizing myself on the wall (from the ground) and keeping my footwork clean so that I don't continue to destroy shoes as quickly as I have been by dragging my toe on the wall.

I am also going to start bouldering more, though I've said that before, because I want to get stronger at reading routes and using technique more ably. Rocking onto high feet, pulling through slippery holds, building core strength and dealing with difficult moves that require a bit of faith and concentration.

15 September 2006

School killings: I don't understand it.

I'm having trouble understanding the latest reports of a school shooting spree in Montreal and a thwarted plan in Michigan.

I wasn't the happiest kid at school when I was growing up, still don't know why, but I don't think anything like this ever crossed my mind. It just seems so extreme, so final and I'm having trouble figuring out why such a thing occurs.

People blame video games, music and such things but I don't think it is justified to do such a thing. The reason I say this is because music, be it metal, rap, goth or what have you, does not drive people to take action. It may support someone's mood or allow them to relate, in some way, to a set of lyrics... but I cannot believe that listening to any type of music would drive someone to action.

Video games fall into the same level. They are interactive and create an outlet for certain feelings but with all the millions of people who play first person shooters and games like the Grand Theft Auto series, it is silly to blame the game, or it's creators, for the actions a person takes in real life.

I'm not sure what to think of the people who blame music and games either. On one hand I think they are desperate to find something or someone to blame for the deaths, but it seems short-sighted to try and affix blame to inanimate objects. I mean, maybe these kids were just screwed up. Has anyone considered that? I mean, it takes a pretty damn screwed up person to decide that it is a good idea to buy a bunch of weapons (be it guns, knives) or build bombs at home and then intentionally deploy them in an assault against defenseless civilians.

I could not possibly begin to wonder what the solution to this sort of issue is, but blaming music or video games is sure to come up soon. I hope people are smart enough not to medicate the problem by blaming these things, and instead look past for more sensible and plausible solutions.

13 September 2006


News Release
With the reclassification of Pluto to the status of Dwarf Planet, protests are being waged by communities of Little People.

"This is an outrage, once again we are being minimized by society because of our size", stated Bilbo Wadsworth.
Wadsworth is the spokesman for Raising Awareness of Little Fellows, or RALF, an organization known globally -among some- for it's work in the uphill fight for respect in modern society.

"Calling Pluto and the other heavenly bodies Dwarf Planets without recognizing them as actual, full fledged planets is a slap in the face for dwarves, midgets and other height challenged races across the globe. It suggests that we are not to be recognized as real people, either."

Rioting has broken out in several cities but damages have been relatively limited as most businesses do not have windows low enough to be reached by protesters. Despite using baseball bats and wrenches as implements of destruction, their efforts were stymied by low sidewalks, tall curbs and limited access above the three foot high walls that characterize most modern architecture.

Confused passers-by also found their efforts confusing, "I never thought school children would be so empassioned about this Pluto thing."

Another couple had this to say after passing a large group of dwarves and midgets on their way home from the park, "At first we thought they were out on recess and headed for the park", stated Agnes Ramirez, "but we soon realized that they were somewhat angered and some were even armed."

Her boyfriend, Chuck Waverly, continued, "we were scared at first but then it just became cute. You know, seeing them swing baseball bats and trying to break car windows they couldn't reach. It was pretty funny. But... I guess laughing at them only made it worse."

At first encourage by a growing throng of spectators, the demonstrators from RALF began building steam and movement toward the Museum of Modern Science. Several blocks from their destination, however, confusion grew as truancy officers arrove first and threatened to "round them all up if they didn't return to their grade school classrooms".

Through lawyers, Wadsworth explained the situation this way, "We were outraged. How could we, the little people of the city, be confused for simple minded school children? This just goes to prove the terrible prejudice and ignorance shared by modern society toward our people. Something had to be done."

When fights broke out between protestors and spectators the police were called in to break up the scene and make arrests. Arriving in full riot gear, police were at first thwarted and quickly overrun by the mass of rioting RALF members.

"It was eerie", begins Officer Roger Thomlinson, "it looked like a crowd of children at first, but when we saw they were armed with bats and pipes we knew things could get ugly."

Captain James Monroe continued, "I was confident my men could bring the situation to a peaceful resolution. When they threw some stones we didn't worry, afterall we were in full riot gear, but as soon as they got close and began to charge, I knew we were in trouble."

With signs reading Little Body, Big Heart and I'm a person and Pluto is a Planet adding confusion to the size and strength of the RALF members, police units were completely unprepared for what happened next.

"You've seen Return of the Jedi haven't you? I felt lie I was fighting ewoks. They just slipped right under our shields and started hitting us, you know, where it counts. God it was awful. For a bunch of little s[censor]ts, they sure are strong."

While the ensuing conflict brought several officers to their knees, eye level with RALF members, the situation was largely peaceful. Most of the RALF members slipped directly under riot shields and ran through officers legs, creating a situation vrife with confusion never-before-seen in the city.

Moments later, having broken through the police blockade, RALF members stormed the museum and took up controlling positions within and outside the building. The demonstration continued peacefully for several hours with patrons allowed to enter and exit the building freely. While many people still enquired about the whereabouts of RALF member's parents, most onlookers were becoming keenly aware of the situation due to television news and some radio media outlets.

The protest eventually broke and many RALF members escaped arrest with the departure of Rosemont Elementary's entire fourth and fifth grade classes from the museum.

"It sure seemed like the bus lines were more crowded, but who's going to take attendance in a situation like that?" stated Mrs. Feldman after the debacle. She continued, "Some of them stood out like sore thumbs, what with the facial hair and all, but most just blended right in until later when we got back to the school."

The District Attorney is still weighing options regarding charges against Wadsworth and the short list of apprehended RALF members.

12 September 2006

Interesting Client

A week or so ago I received a phone call and an email from a gentleman looking to place a full page advertisement in the publication. Getting a call for a full page advertisement is strange enough, mostly given the $250,000 price tag involved. On top of this, ads of this nature don't just get called in to our office and the people who do call looking for such a thing are typically a little off.

Here's a link to the first email. It is lengthy, I admit, but entertaining. I am especially fond of his grammer and prolific, if not sporadic, use of periods.
The first email

I responded to this email with some questions, mostly because this type of advertiser generally ends up reducing in size to a much, much, much smaller ad size. But, given all the things he was proposing, we needed some clarification if it was even worth pursuing. Then I did a little research and found this.

He responded yesterday with the following email, in an attempt to explain not only his current situation, but another idea of his, should he ever be elected to Senate. The second email

I went ahead and let him know that his advertisement was not going to be accepted by our publication, primarily because getting a loan from the SBA (Small Business Association) for advertising was not possible, especially considering the fact that his entire business plan is built on the assumption that a company showing no revenue, no profits and not even in existence would sell stock for over $100 a share.

I also let him know that his plan to print money and pay of city, county, state and federal debts was absurd. I informed of a little thing called inflation and urged him to do a little research on the topic so he'd understand what he was proposing a bit better.

I get the impression this guy is just sitting around on his porch conjuring up these stunning revelations, completely unaware that he is ignorant and uneducated about what he's trying to do. Poor fool. I guess we'll see how he takes it.

This is brilliant

So last Wednesday I was contacted by a recruiter/head hunter with a job opportunity in sales of some unknown product. We talked on the telephone while I was driving to meet Rock Gal for her birthday and a question about my outside sales experience came up. Of course, I have none, so he said he'd call the client and get back with me if that was ok.

He called back but I was already with Rock Gal and honestly didn't feel like talking about it at the time. I forgot to call him on Thursday. Just flat out forgot. I think he might have called and left a message but it just never really crossed my mind. Friday I went to Talbot Rain's funeral and it never crossed my ind then, either. I had time to call, sure, but I didn't care to and figured I'd just be in touch with the guy Monday.

But he did call me on Friday afternoon, and left me a very nasty message. His voicemail was angered and condescending, two things I don't respond well to on the phone or in person. So I called him back. I got his voicemail.

"Mr. Caserta, this is Me. You know what? If you want to leave me angry voicemails that's fine, but the day you called me was my girlfriend's birthday and today I was at a funeral. I don't think your acting very professionally and I have no desire to have any further contact with you."

So today I fire up Outlook and I have an email from him.

I just received your call. I am going to make this short because spending any level time or expending energy to write this email is a waste of time.

First of all, If your going to bad mouth me, DO IT to my face over the phone. Have a pair of balls and look me directly in the eye. Leaving a msg is gutless and yellow. It's like Swinging at me when I am not looking.

Secondly, WE are all busy. I have birthdays also and we all experience death in our life. I am sorry about your friend, Truly I am, but that doesn't excuse the level of unprofessionalism you have demonstrated. If you can't return a msg in three days, then you are not a viable candidate. Don't give me the bullshit that you couldn't leave me a voicemail over three days. That's a piss poor excuse for your lack of unprofessionalism. You have a cell. You could have even left me a voice mail even after hours to let me know when a good time would be for me to talk. To not return one of those calls is unacceptable and unexcuseable. I have a sense of urgency to assist candidates who want to make career changes and clients who want to fill positions. You don't pay my fee. My client company does.

If this message finds you pissed off, GOOD, because I'm pissed off also. I don't EVER care to work with you. Don't call and don't even bother emailing back, You can't anyways BECAUSE YOUR email is blocked. Your completely blackballed from my office.!!! If your upset, be more upset about your pathetic lack of professionalism because it sucks wind.

Hasta La Vista

Obviously I won't be calling him back, but I'd love to figure out who the client was and let them know what kind of contact I've had with their recruiter. I've also considered contacting the Better Business Bureau in Scottsdale, AZ (this gentleman's location) and letting them know of my complaint. Was I interested in the position? I was curious about it, but obviously he was right- I wasn't that interested. Is that a reason for him to leave me shitty a voicemails?

For now I'll just leave it up to the randomness of the Blogosphere to raise my flag. I would strongly recommend against doing business with this guy.

Here's his business name, address and email:
Caserta & Associates LLC
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
(480) 443-3343

American Republic Association (2)

He replied with this message. We're still trying to figure out the relevance in his reference to The Price is Right.

September 8, 2006

Mr. Sampson:

Thank you for being a Critic of American Republic Association.

Pertaining to the $5,000 consumer products I plan to advertise. Will
come from advertising in The Wall Street Journal. To Manufacturers of
Consumer Products that Retail for $5,000. I will give an example of $5,000
consumer products, some more, some less. Do you recall a Program on
CBS called The Price Is Right. But that will not happen until the Construction
of the 10 Building Complex is built in 3 years. Please do not confuse what
will take place Immediately and what will take place 3 Years from now. The
Initial Public Offering comes 1st, or the financing of the Cost to Conduct the
Initial Public Offering comes 1st.

Pertaining to disclosing my business plan. I am giving as much information
as possible for the Investors to understand what American Republic Association
will do. Like an Unofficial Prospectus.

Pertaining to why an Investor would send money to American Republic
Association. The Investors are being informed they will receive 5 times their
Investment after 8 Months. After American Republic Association's Initial Public
Offering has obtained $8 Billion.

Pertaining to the Rolls Royce and living expenses in Washington, D.C.
Is minute, to the less than 1/25th of the $25,375,500. Which is the Cost of
American Republic Association's Initial Public Offering.

Pertaining to the Falcon Jet 900 Aircrafts and Learjet 36 Aircrafts.
American Republic Association will advertise 15 $5,000 consumer products
per week. The 15 Learjet 36 Aircrafts will go to the City of the Manufacturers
of the $5,000 consumer product. To investigate the Manufacturers and an
agreement with American Republic Association. To advertise their $5,000
consumer product. And allow American Republic Association to obtain
100,000 prepaid customer orders per Manufacturer. The 31 Falcon Jet 900
Aircrafts-15 Cargo Aircrafts will transport 100,000 prepaid customer order
Forms to the Manufacturers. 15 Executive Interior Aircrafts will deliver a
Check for $350 Million per Manufacturer. This requires 15 Cargo Aircrafts
and 15 Executive Interior Aircrafts per week.

Pertaining to justifying the Cost of a $5,000 consumer product. The
Manufacturers of the Consumer Products set the price. Same on CBS's
The Price Is Right. The employees on the Learjet 36 Aircrafts will determine
if the consumer product justify's the $5,000 price. Plus other factors.

Pertaining to the Contracts, it is convenient and expendient. I am
advertising an Investment. The Investors of the $25,375,500 will Receive
$126,877,500 for their Investment. After American Republic Association
finish its $8 Billion Initial Public Offering in less than 9 Months.

Pertaining to American Republic Association asking for $5,000 from
the Investors. American Republic Association will not ask for $5,000 from
Investors. But after the 10 Building Complex is built in 3 Years. Only after
the start of Operations. I reiterate, I plan to advertise in The Wall Street
Journal to Manufacturers of Consumer Products that Retail for $5,000.
After 3 Years, not now.

I close with the fact I did not Mention that each Manufacturer of the
630 will receive $350 Million Each per year.

I did not Mention the aspect that after 4 Years and 6 Months, American
Republic Association will start to Finance and Build a Prison State.

I did not Mention the aspect that All 121,000 Employees will have their
Federal, State, County, and City Taxes paid by American Republic Association.
Part Time Employees-the 75,000 Employees will be paid $1,000 a week for
entry level employees. The entry level for full time employees will be paid $5,000
per week.

I did not Mention that if I was a Member of Congress. I would put forth
this Legislation.
The New Financing Of Governments Act

The National Government Print The National Currency
To Finance The National Government Budget.

The National Government Print The National Currency
To Finance All State Governments Budgets.

The National Government Print The National Currency
To Finance All County Governments Budgets.

And The National Government Print The National Currency
To Finance All City Governments Budgets.

The Result, No Taxes. Each Nation can do the Same.

I hope this Reply is sufficient. But if you have more questions about this
Reply, please contact me again. At His Email

Thank you,

Alfred Lawrence Patterson
American Republic Association

American Republic Association (1)

This was his proposed "advertisement".

September 5, 2006

His address
His Email
His phone number

My Employer
Display & Classied Advertisement
My Address
Dear Mr. Me:

My name is Alfred Lawrence Patterson. Sole Proprietor of American
Republic Association. I request approval for the Full Page Display
Advertisement below. I also request the Cost for a Full Page Display.
The advertisement will be an Investment Offer Advertisement. Seeking
$25,375,500. For the Cost to Conduct an $8 Billion-80 Million Preferred
Stock Share In-House Initial Public Offering. At $100 per Preferred Stock
Share. The Investors will have a Return of 5 times their Investment. Or
$126,877,500. After 8 Months. The time required to Conduct the
American Republic Association $8 Billion Initial Public Offering. I plan to
obtain the Cost of The Wall Street Journal Full Page Display Advertisement
from the United States Small Business Administration's assistance.
Investment Offer Advertisement Investment Offer Advertisement


This is an Investment Offer. From a new company called American
Republic Association. Which is seeking Investors. To the amount of
$25,375,500. For the Cost to Conduct an $8 Billion-80 Million Preferred
Stock Share In-House Initial Public Offering. At $100 per Preferred Stock
Share. American Republic Association will sell all 80 Million Preferred
Stock Shares itself. No Brokers. The Investors of the $25,375,500 will
receive a Return of $126,877,500. Or 5 times their Investment. After 8
Months. Which is the amount of time required. To Conduct the American
Republic Association's Initial Public Offering.

American Republic Association requires $8 Billion. For the 1st 10
weeks of Operations. $2 Billion of the $8 Billion will be used for the
3 Year Construction of a 10 Building Complex. For 121,00 Employees.
$2.9 Billion of the $8 Billion will be for 121,000 Employees Salaries for
the 1st 10 weeks of Operations. $1.085 Billion of the $8 Billion will be
for 31 Falcon Jet 900 Aircrafts-15 Cargo Aircrafts and 16 Executive
Interior Aircrafts-at $35 Million per Falcon Jet 900 Aircraft. $1.125
Billion of the $8 Billion for 45 Million Product Photo Literature Booklets
for the 1st 10 weeks of Operations. At $25 per Booklet. $126,877,500
for the 1st Investors of $25,375,500 for the Cost of this Initial Public
Offering. $150 Million for 15 Learjet 36 Aircrafts. $90 Million for
Advertising during the evening ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News
for the 1st 10 weeks of Operations.

American Republic Association will have a Division called an
Advanced Advertising Agency. The Clients will be Manufacturers of
Consumer Products that Retail for $5,000. American Republic
Association will pay All Advertising Cost for its Clients. American
Republic Association will Deduct $1,500 per $5,000 prepaid customer
order obtained. American Republic Association will obtain 100,000
prepaid customer orders per Manufacturer. 630 $5,000 consumer
products will be advertised per year.

American Republic Association will require 3 sets of 25,000
Employees(Not including Management)Each Employee will receive
12 Toll Free Telephone Calls per Day. During American Republic
Association's Advertising during the ABC News, CBS News, and
NBC News in the evening. The 75,000 Employees will obtain the name
and address only of the potential customers. Each 25,000 Employees
receiving 12 Toll Free Telephone Calls. Adds up to 300,000 potential
customers per $5,000 consumer product. Multiplied by 3 equal
900,000 potential customers per Day. American Republic Association
will send 300,000 Product Photo Literature Booklets per $5,000
consumer product. The Product Photo Literature Booklets will have
information on the $5,000 consumer product, order form, and
envelopes. This will take place each Day. Monday through Friday.
Even though 300,000 potential customers per $5,000 consumer
product. Only 100,000 prepaid customer orders will be accepted per
$5,000 consumer product. All prepaid customer orders above 100,000
will be returned their $5,000.

Multiply 100,000 prepaid customer orders by the fee of $1,500 per
$5,000 consumer product equal $150 Million. Multiply the $150 Million
by 3 $5,000 consumer products equal $450 Million per Day. As stated
before, 630 $5,000 consumer products will be advertised per year. 630
$5,000 consumer products multiplied by $150 Million equal $94.5 Billion
to American Republic Association per year. This is the total gross
income. 100,000 prepaid customer orders multiplied by $5,000 equal
$500 Million. 630 $5,000 consumer products multiplied by $500 Million
equal $315 Billion per year.

American Republic Association will Declare 5 Dividends within the
1st 6 Quarters of Operations. Each Dividend will be $8 Billion. Or each
Dividend will equal what was invested. That means $40 Billion. To the
80 Million Preferred Stock Share Shareholders. The Full Term of this
Investment from start to finish is 4 Years and 6 Months. Then this
Investment Ends. 3 Years for the Construction of the 10 Building
Complex, and the 1st 6 Quarters of Operations, 1 Year and 6 Months.

Here is the allocation of the $25,375,500.
$15.4 Million for 2,500 Accountants for 10 business days. $2 Million
for 500 Secretaries for 10 business days. $2 Million for the United
States Securities and Exchange Commission-For the Registration
Statement Fee-$250 per $1 Million obtaining-Obtaining $8 Billion.
$2 Million Preferred Stock Share Certificates. $1.2 Million for
Advertising on the evening ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News
to go to Website. $1Million for 3 Million Sheets of Heavy Bonded
Paper and Envelopes-Letterhead and Envelopes. $780,000 for
Postage for 2 Million Letters to Investors. $380,000 for a Rolls Royce
Automobile. $250,000 for Hotel Expense at $1,000 per Day for 250
Days in Washington, D.C. $160,000 for $5,000 a week Salary for
8 Months. To the Sole Proprietor of American Republic Association,
Alfred Lawrence Patterson. $100,000 for an Office in Washington, D.C.
and 2 Websites-1 Website about American Republic Association and
the Initial Public Offering-2nd Website will have a Contract with the
Preferred Stock Shareholders. $38,000 for Auto Insurance. $30,000
for Hotel Expense in New York City, New York near Accounting Firm.
$25,000 for Typist on the United States Securities and Exchange
Commission's EDGAR Computer for the Registration Statement. And
$12,500 for Meals for 250 Days at $50 per Day for Alfred Lawrence
Patterson. At Incorporation, Alfred Lawrence Patterson will Retain
All Common Stock Shares.

As stated before, the Investors of the $25,375,500 will Receive
5 times their Investment. Or $126,877,500 after 8 Months. The amount
of time required to Conduct American Republic Association's $8 Billion-
80 Million Preferred Stock Share In-House Initial Public Offering-At $100
per Preferred Stock Share. Below are 2 Copies of American Republic
Association's Investment Contract. Fill in the Required Information. Send
the 2 Investment Contracts and Investment Check to American Republic
Association. And Thank You for Investing in American Republic Association.
2-81/2"by 11" Contracts


American Republic Association agrees to accept Investor
_____________________________'s $___________________. American
Republic Association agrees to pay Investor________________________
5 times their Investment of $__________________. Which will equal
$___________________. After 8 Months. The required time for American
Republic Association to Conduct its $8 Billion-80 Million Preferred Stock
Share In-House Initial Public Offering-At $100 per Preferred Stock Share.
American Republic Association will Conduct its Initial Public Offering from
Washington, D.C. American Republic Association will continue to
receive Investors' Investment Checks. Until $25,375,500 is obtained. The
total amount Investors will equal $126,877,500. Or 5 times the Investors'
Investment Checks. American Republic Association requires All Investors'
Investment Checks to be a Bank's Cashier Check, or Certified Check, or
Money Order. After 8 Months, All Investors will Receive 5 times their
Investment. After American Republic Association has obtained $8 Billion.
In 8 Months or sooner. The Investors will send their Investment Check and
Investment Contracts to American Republic Association, Alfred Lawrence
Patterson, 6131 Oakman Boulevard, Dearborn, Michigan 48126-2327.
American Republic Association Thanks You for your Investment.

Print Investor's Name American Republic Association's
___________________________ Accounting Firm
Print Investor's Address _______________________________
___________________________ Accountant's Name-Print
Print Investor's City, State, & Zip _______________________________
___________________________ Accountant's Signature
Investor's Signature _______________________________
___________________________ Accounting Firm's Address
Date _______________________________
___________________________ _______________________________


Dear Mr. Me:

As stated in the start, I will go to the United States Small Business
Administration for their assistance. To obtain the Cost of The Wall Street
Journal Full Page Display Advertisement. I respectfully request that The
Wall Street Journal approve delay payment. From publishing date to no
later than 10 business days after publishing date. American Republic
Association will Pay in Full for the Full Page Display Advertisement.
American Republic Association is at an advantage. Because the Investors
will be sending their Investment Checks immediately. Along with their
copies of American Republic Association's Investment Contracts. The
Wall Street Journal, I hope I am approved for delayed payment. Instead
of the time required to have the assistance of the United States Small
Business Administration. To obtain the Cost of The Wall Street Journal
Full Page Display Advertisement. I am a 51 year old African American.
So approval of delay payment will be greatly appreciated.


Alfred Lawrence Patterson
American Republic Association

P.S. Request Publishing Nationally

05 September 2006

Who Needs Kneaded Knees?

This past weekend was the latest round of the TMGP (Texas Mini Gran Prix) racing season at Denton's North Texas Kartway (NTK). Broom and I had a four hour race to contend with on the XR100 powered YSR, complete with a freshly rebuilt motor and all the knee destroying goodness of being a mini.

The weather held and things went quite well, the bike was super-fast, and at the end of it all I came away with the usual grins and horribly painful knee aches that goa long with being crammed onto the YSR for 40 minutes at a time. Broom was quite fast this weekend, giving Denny a run for his money for about 10 laps before fatigue set in... I was quite slow all weekend and managed to stay out of most people's paths of travel in almost all the corners. I'm still having trouble getting my confidence back on the brakes and simply feeling the damn thing in the corners. I tend to scare quite easily these days and haven't been as... uhm... willing to take the risks as I used to be.

I sort of forgot that I was going to write a piece about the series and so forgot to get anyone's name that is associated with the TMGP. The piece was/is going to be submitted to a website that talks about Mini racing and would be great for drawing in some new riders for 2007. With Broom's help I think I can get it together, but I completely forgot to do any fact gathering on Saturday.

Sunday was painful. I think I would have been moving easier on crutches, especially on the stairs. The inside muscles around my knees, or bottom section of my quad, felt like it didn't want to do anything. Bend? No. Straighten? No. Support weight? No. They just wanted to be removed, placed on the side of the road and left for dead.