20 December 2006

Nothing new.

Aside from a few climbing trips to Roger's Park Rock Gal and I have not been up to much, and with little to talk about that seems interesting I have not been posting anything new.

Ideally, 2007 will bring with it a new direction for my blog that will constitute more than just an online diary of random thoughts and events. I tried to do that this year with the addition of photos, but seeing as how I consistently forget that I even own a digital camera, that has gone by the wayside. Instead, I'm sitting here with the same lack of ideas I had a year ago.

Freelancing never got off the ground because I'm not willing to do boring work for others just to make a buck. The problem, however, is that I haven't really given myself anything else to write about since returning from Belgium in April. I have been in contact with a variety of websites for whom I might provide content (no $) because they are subjects that interest me. Cycling and climbing, being chief among them. So we'll see what happens in '07. I'll be turning 30 in just a few weeks time, and while I'm not expecting any big changes I am hoping to continue learning, progressing and generating new ideas. Who knows, maybe something will come along.