09 October 2007

Racing Post

I need to do some creative writing, but I'm not feeling terribly inspired. I need to write a story about track racing to be run in the Racing Post, a local publication about bicycle racing. I want to, I think its a neat idea, but so far I have yet to conjure any inspiring words. This happens too often. I like to write, but for some reason I have difficulty with creativity on demand. So I wait. Maybe climbing tonight will spark something in me to set pen to paper and/or finger to key.

Perspective: New racer at the track
Audience: Bicycle racers, intelligent people
Point: Get people to want to attend, new racer development

Longest Short Week

Friday, October 12th will be my last day at The Wall Street Journal. I'm moving over to the local competition as an outside sales rep. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous and a little scared, but fortunately for me this move was forcast in my monthly horoscope.
In fact, I am not the only person benefiting from the alignment of the stars this month. Sgt. D is also starting a new position (within his company) that will advance his finance career, and J.W. found a new position with a fashion mag here in Dallas. She also has a friend that found a new position, although not in media... and all four of us are Capricorns. Coincidence? Perhaps. But if it is, I think it is really freakishly weird.

So as of Friday I am done 'n gone. I think I'll still get my commission check for October, and I think I'll still get my back pay for the "raise" being negotiated in the new union contract. I think. No one seems to have a solid answer, but a lot of probably and maybe type statements that are fairly reassuring.

04 October 2007

New job.

I accepted an offer this morning for an outside sales position with The Dallas Morning News. I'm nervously excited. It is totally outside my realm of comfort and almost completely different from what I thought I would be doing next, but I think its a good move. Better sales experience, earn my dues on the street and try my best to make the most of a product with which I am already somewhat familiar.