13 September 2007

Elite National Qualifier

Here are some photos from the Elite Qualifier that took place Sept 7th & 8th.
I competed in the Kilo and 200 Meter Time Trial events, both of which were a lot of fun despite getting my ass kicked.

Here's a pciture of my butt at the start line for the Kilo. As described my Michael Morris, the Kilo consists of a standing start and the fastest 500M you can muster, followed by a battle against lactic acid where the point is to just stay on the bike.

For this reason, pictures like this were taken during my Kilo... followed closely by this photo just before the finish.

All of these great shots were taken by Will of WillShootPhotos.com and really illustrate what I was feeling at the time. Pain.

Firday night my legs hurt so bad I couldn't sleep, and the burning sensation in my quads and calves was far and above anything I have ever felt after riding a century.

With only two races left in the series this year things are really winding down. I've really enjoyed being on track the last couple months and look forward to racing all next year, but up first is a full winter of rock climbing!

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