15 December 2005

Xmas Party

As usual, this post does not concern anything which may be considered important. There are no high-stress situations, life changing decisions or overly elaborate plans being concocted, constructed or devised on behalf of myself or anyone else. Add to the the fact that there really is not a thing happening that I would consider essential knowledge, little known fact or even -perhaps- worth mentioning at all.

As such, I am going to sit here and ramble, rather aimlessly, about nothing.

Tonight is my office Christmas (Holiday, if you are PC) party. We are going to take 70 people and stuff them in the side room of a smallish bar, then ask them to mingle, talk and socialize for roughly two hours. I work with these people. I see them everyday. We have nothing in common. I really do not want to go. I feel that I should go because that would be the nice thing to do, but I don't want to go because then I'm just doing something else that other people want me to do, instead of going to do what I really feel like doing...

To waste time before the party I was planning on going to REI to try on some rock shoes. I had also thought about going to Whole Earth Provisions (near SMU) to check out some of their shoes as they are "phasing them out" and I figured they might have something on sale. If not, its a bit of a wasted trip unless I can meet up with Mike after work or fart around Starfuck's with a latte and my book at Mockingbird Station. Its that or jump into traffic and hit REI as well... Maybe I should call them and save the trip? Hm.

Ok, just got off the phone with Whole Earth Provisions and had a classic climber conversation. The guy on the phone was completely laidback, totally relaxed and said "Dude", "Totally" and "right on" in one sentence. They also carry the Mad Rock Hooker, which is a shoe I have been looking at for quite some time. I'm not so sure the shoe is designed to edge and smear quite as much as I want, but its worth a look just for shits and giggles. After reading some reviews at RockClimbing.com I think these might be good for edging and smearing. People's opinions being waht they are, I just have to see for myself.

After that I'll either go to the party, go rock climbing or go to the party and then go rock climbing. I have yet to decide.

Cross your fingers. Girl Friday has an exam tonight, I think she might need the additional good thoughts and luck to pull this one out.

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