08 December 2005

My wall.

I hit my wall tonight. Every few weeks, maybe four, I hit my wall. My wall is the point at wihch my body reminds me that everything I am trying to do in my life is not actually possible. Go the the gym for three hours, three or four days a week. Stay up late on the net, reading or thinking too much... Once I start climbing again I'll be pushing pushing even harder but for now this has been enough to wear me down over time and I was left more or less with nothing in reserve. At work I felt like I was going to just collapse on the computer! Craziness, but it hits me once a month. Get home, get in bed. I slept until 8pm before getting a second wind and decided to pop up and see what was happening in the world of the internet.

Should be a busy weekend. My last Dr. appointment is tomorrow morning (8:15...) and I've taken the day off work so I'll probably go to the gym for a few hours or possibly go climbing at Stoneworks! Tomorrow night is the Lock and Key party, then Saturday night is the TSBA Xmas party at Ben's (gotta be there!) and Sunday is the Dust to Glory and Last Man Standing watching party at Robby's.

I sure hope I can sleep tonight. The kitties are wanting attention... Frodrick is currently sitting on my back while I slump forward off the couch to type. He keeps rubbing his head on my galsses so its harrd o seee nd tpe. Damn it. Sounded like he nearly yacked something up on my head just now.

I'm also polishing off my brandied peaches. Yummy. Speaking of which...

I was supposed to get together with my girl friday to polish those off on Friday, but she ditched me. I was expecting it, and the evening turned out better anyway (bong, blow, wilson post) so I'm not terribly disappointed. She called me Tuesday night around 10:30 on her way home from class and we chatted for an hour. She said she didn't want to wait any longer to call me, which I sort of took as an apology given her inflection, but who knows. She needed the time for herself and I imagine it just would have been awkward for both of us anyway. She says she wants to get together before the Xmas/New Year holiday but that remains to be seen. I more or less figure it'll be 2006 before we get together again, but maybe I'll be surprised. Its just a hard read because she ends the conversation by telling me how much she has enjoyed talking to me and how she always enjoys talking to me on the phone... again, tone and inflection are big in this conversation. I'm sure there's no romantic interest anymore but I think too much so I always read into things.

Mmm. brandied peaches.

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Not all are true. Everyone has their own way of thinking but I think they have to reconsider. I like to argue for the most accurate results.


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