07 February 2006

The SV lives

Friday night Rock Gal and HighSide stopped by to help me work on my Suzuki SV650 street bike. I had not ridden the bike for over a year and had not started it since October. The carbs and fuel were crap and it needed some love.

We set to work around 7pm and things went pretty smoothly. Pulled and drained the fuel tank, pulled the airbox and the carbs, then cleaned the carbs with B12 Chemtool before pulling the slides and cleaning the jets. We also tried to get into the bowls but the screws were damned tight and didn't want to come lose without fear of stripping the heads. The work was smooth, we only lost one part and the bike now runs great. I was torn at first between keeping and selling the SV, but it needs to be sold.

My interest in street riding is basically gone and it just doesn't make sense to keep the bike as a track conversion would be a ridiculous amount of money compared to purchasing a prepared bike. That and it would be much nicer to eliminate debt and go back to the track with less to worry about when the time is right: 2007.

Of course, by the time I'm ready to get back into a track bike I could very well decide that I no longer want to do it. I get interested in so many different things it isn't even funny (as you know if you read this thing at all) and while jumping ship from racing isn't very likely, I might find some real solace in climbing or something and just be done with it. Right.

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At 22:03, Anonymous Tony said...

About 1 day before you asked for help fixing up the SV, I had finished 3 partial days getting the CB-1 to fire again. Turned out the plugs were keeping it from sparking, but draining old fuel is always fun. Now I just need to find a gasket kit and go to work rebuilding the motor.


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