18 December 2005


Aside from the usual ranting and bantering posts I throw on here I have also been making more additions to the Streaming Audio section on the right. WinAmp is a great program and has opened up my access to streaming music both in the office and at home. The stations I find, and have listed, are all pretty similar for a reason. Trance and Continuous Mix get my mind into the most creative mode possible.

Following this holiday season I am also hoping to starting using more photographs in my posts, as well as adding a photo album of recent events and happenings. As a text only site I know it can get rather bland, and I tend to think in motion and photography anyway, so this could be fun. Mostly depends on what Santa provides me with this Christmas...

I'm also going to try and move back away from the political and societal dialogues, concentrating instead on spoofs of current events. It would be a far more effective use of my creative side to write a story that pokes fun at one situation or another, rather than simply getting on here and saying, "I don't like the way...". For the sake of entertainment and experience, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not makinng these changes as a result of the new year, by the way. Fuck 2006. As a matter of fact, fuck 2005 and 2004. I thought 2005 was going to be all different and new and bring with it lots of great shit, and it did. But I have no desire to get sucked into making changes only because it is going to be 2006. Get me? Maybe I'll do a year in review post... Most things are not worth looking back on really, but I almost managed to meet all my goals set forth for 2005. Almost.

I still broke a bone and I'm still single (as in unattached). Aside from that I think I did a lot of cool shit this year. I'll save it for another time, however.

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