26 August 2005

Hotter 'n Hell Hundred

The Hotter 'n Hell Hundred is this weekend so I'm taking a half-day here at the office. It is about 3 hours out to Wichita Falls, TX but the drive should go smoothly and quickly since I've got a ton of good metal to listen to on the drive out!

Here's a photo from the first MS150 ride of the year from Austin to Houston. This is the finish after 180 miles of hard riding. I was pretty releived to be done with the ride, but felt really good (surprisingly) for having done a full century on day one and 80 miles on day two... Hopefully I'll feel this good after the HHH.

I'm hoping to be smart about my ride. I'd like to set a nice pace, perhaps 22 mph in a pace line, and ride out the event. I imagine I'll need to stop once for resupply of water but I'll have enough PowerBars and goo with me to power me through the event.

I've teamed up with Martin H. for a place to say in Wichita Falls. We called the Chamber of Commerce and they gave me a list of people who are kind enough to welcome us into their homes for an evening so we can do the ride.

Rest assured I'll providea reasonable account of what happened, and with any luck it will not detail the use of an IV at the triage tent set-up after the ride...

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At 15:10, Anonymous rogge said...

Good luck! that was my first and last ride, i did the metric HHH before starting 9th grade... should have kept with it... oh well :(


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