23 August 2005

A look at the past

2004 was not one of my better years

I was beginning my first full year of motorcycle road racing with the CMRA (Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association) aboard an SV650 prepared to compete in the Lightweight Superbike class of the CMRA's endurance racing series. Here's a photo from The Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX.

Unfortunately, the season did not go as planned.

I broke the 4th and 5th metatarsels in my left foot in May of 2004, which required minor surgery to insert two pins to stabalize the bones while they healed. Living in a 3rd floor apartment and driving a stick shift was now nearly impossible, but I managed the crutches, bought groceries in small doses and bummed rides to work with several great friends. I was also loaned a car (an automatic) and this helped me break the onus of being stuck indoors for so many hours after work!

Eight weeks later, once the pins had been removed, I needed to teach myself how to walk again. The community pool was excellent for this and really helped me get accustomed to putting weight on my leg and rolling my ankle in a normal walking fashion.

I began cycling to get my leg back in shape and it wasn't long before I was back racing. Things went well until November 4th, 2004 when I pitched my recently rebuilt Honda F4i at Oak Hill raceway in Henderson, TX. The bike and I went for a nice tumble...

And all of the time, money and effort I'd put into rebuilding the racebike had now been undone. I had also not faired well in the accident and had come away with a wealth of new injuries:

  • Broken Left Clavicle
  • Four broken ribs
  • Severely bruised/nearly broken left hip
  • Heavily bruised 4 finger tips on left hand
  • Funky Concussion
  • Just below my waist, a hole in my back the size and depth of a coke bottle cap

The accident also destroyed my RS-Taichi leathers, Suomy helmet and Dainese spine protector. Needless to say I was a bit worse for wear, and certainly felt the effects of this one on a physical as well as emotional level. Couple that with some other more personal issues (found out I was dating a slut) and 2004 ended in a major slump.

I remained as positive as I could and was looking forward to starting my life and hobbies fresh in 2005...

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